Understanding How To Streamline Your Company

Understanding How To Streamline Your Company

Consider Slab Jacking

Carrie Gomez

A lot of money is invested in concrete every year. Residential and commercial concrete slabs are put down to give a hard surface to park vehicles and to work. If the concrete was put down correctly and the concrete was able to cure properly it can be one of the most durable materials to build with. However, what happens when a slab of concrete is put down improperly? That concrete needs to be replaced or fixed. You could replace the entire slab of concrete, but that can take a lot of time and money. You can use a different method of slab lifting. This method of lifting cement is called slab jacking. 

Why Slab Jacking Is Sometimes Necessary

If you have noticed that your concrete is starting to crack or chip away, it is very likely that the cement was poured on ground that was not a solid base. Without something under the concrete, it can start to break down very quickly. You should never wait for a big problem to arise, you should try to get to the root of the problem as soon as you can. 

How Slab Jacking Works

The concept behind slab jacking is relatively simple. In order for your concrete to stay stable, it needs to have a solid base. Slab jacking is when a professional drills through some of the concrete and pumps a solid base down underneath the concrete. The pump that puts this material under your cement is able to lift the concrete level with the other parts of the concrete slab. The material that is put under the concrete is often a mixture of sand and concrete. This mixture provides a solid base and will allow for your concrete to stay solid.

Benefits of Slab Jacking

There are many reasons that slab jacking should be seriously considered when looking to repair your concrete slab. One of the biggest reasons is that it is simply not going to disturb any other part of your concrete or landscape. You also do not have to worry about a really dirty clean up like you do when you break the concrete up. Also, the process of slab jacking is very quick and can be much more cost effective. 

For more information about how slab jacking works and its benefits, talk to a contractor in your area. They can also help you decide if slab jacking is the right fix for your concrete.


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