Understanding How To Streamline Your Company

Understanding How To Streamline Your Company

Using The Right Materials To Create Your Well-Water System

Carrie Gomez

Many homes across the country rely on wells to supply them with water. If you are reliant on a private well for your water needs, then having a well-water system that is equipped to handle the daily demands of pumping is essential. Using the right materials when creating your well-water system can help you avoid serious problems in the future.

Here are three potential negative side effects you can avoid when you use the right materials during the well drilling process.

1. Contaminated water in your well.

Many homeowners fail to realize that the materials used to create a well-water system can contribute to the contamination of their groundwater supply. Using dissimilar metals when connecting pipes that will carry water from the well into your home can result in iron leaking out into your water supply.

Galvanized steel pipes are susceptible to corrosion. When these pipes are connected using brass fittings, the corrosion process is accelerated. This results in a large amount of iron being released into your water supply as the metals break down. Using only stainless steel pipes and fittings can help you avoid water contamination in the future.

2. Early equipment failure within your well-water system.

Installing new equipment when repairs are needed to keep your well-water system functioning properly can be costly. In order to avoid incurring unnecessary costs, you need to ensure that the materials you use when creating your well-water system are designed to last.

You should always use stainless steel or PVC pipes in coordination with stainless steel fittings. These materials are built to withstand corrosion, which means the pipes and fittings won't begin to rust and weaken over time. Using the right materials will extend the life of your well-water system's equipment, allowing you to reduce the costs associated with maintaining your home's water supply.

3. Poor water pressure within your home.

The pipe that is dropped into the hole drilled for your well is referred to as the drop pipe. This pipe plays a critical role in determining your home's water pressure and water availability.

When you use the wrong materials for your drop pipe, you could experience water problems within your home. Combining dissimilar metals may result in weak connection points, allowing the pressure of the water within your drop pipe to decrease. Using stainless steel or PVC pipes and fittings for your drop pipe will ensure proper water pressure and delivery in the future.

When you understand the important role the materials used to create your well-water system play in the durability and performance of the system, it's easy to see why you should plan to invest in stainless steel and/or PVC pipes and fittings when drilling a new well. Contact a company like Rippe Well Service INC to learn more.


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