Understanding How To Streamline Your Company

Understanding How To Streamline Your Company

Deep-Cycle Batteries: An Introduction Of Knowledge

Carrie Gomez

Whether you are a small business owner with a few forklifts or the average consumer with a need for a marine battery, there is a pretty good chance that you will need a deep cycle battery at some point. Deep cycle batteries are often just referred to with the attribute of what they will be used for, such as forklift battery or boat battery. However, these batteries are far different than the average starter battery, which is used in pretty much every automobile. To get a better understanding of deep cycle batteries, take a look at these common questions and answers about them. 

What is the difference between a starter battery and a deep cycle battery?

A starter battery is designed to give a quick and powerful boost of power to get an engine running and the batteries are hardly ever completely discharged in use. On the other hand, deep cycle batteries are created to provide full power and discharge almost completely before needing to be recharged. You could think of a deep cycle battery as a rechargeable battery on a cell phone, because just like this battery, it provides the full power necessary to power a motor, machine, or piece of equipment and then has to be charged. 

Is it best to use all of the power in a deep cycle battery before charging?

In most cases, users aim to use only part of the available charge of a deep cycle battery before they recharge it per manufacturer guidelines of the battery. Not completely draining the battery of power before recharging has a few benefits. For one, the battery will not take as long to recharge. And, two, the lifespan of the battery can be compromised if it is repeatedly completely discharged and then recharged. It is usually recommended that you only discharge to 20 percent charge and nothing less, but keeping the discharge level at 50 percent is a better rule to follow. 

Can you still use a deep cycle battery as you would an auto battery?

You could use a deep cycle battery to get a car started. While the deep cycle battery could do this, most are not designed to do so simply because they cannot provide the same level of cranking amps a vehicle needs to crank the motor. There are industrial-size deep cycle batteries that offer this level of cranking amps, but these are not a logical choice for everyday vehicle starting needs. 

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