Understanding How To Streamline Your Company

Understanding How To Streamline Your Company

Keeping Your Stockroom Organized: Three Helpful Tips

Carrie Gomez

Keeping your stockroom organized makes it easy for you to find your inventory when you need it. With the right organization system, you can keep track of your inventory and keep the space neat and tidy. Use this guide to get your stockroom set up and ready for your inventory.

Sort Smaller Items

Smaller inventory items can get easily lost or misplaced. Solve this problem by storing these items in stackable storage bins. They can be organized on your pallet racks for easy access, and they can be easily moved from the shelves when you need to re-stock your inventory. Look for bins with lids to protect your inventory from dirt and dust, and be sure to label each bin so you can find your inventory quickly when it's needed. For hardware and other extremely small items, use stacking storage drawers to keep the items easily accessible.

Wrap Large Boxes

If you have large pieces of inventory stored in boxes, consider wrapping them with plastic wrap to keep the boxes together. Keep the wrapped boxes on pallets, and store them on the lower shelves of your pallet racks. This will make it easy to remove the entire stock of boxes for transport to the sales floor or to your delivery trucks. Attach labels to each pallet of merchandise for easy identification, and keep all similar types of inventory stored together. Keep a stock of plastic wrap on-hand to wrap boxes of inventory as they come into your warehouse.

Create A Labeling System

Part of keeping your stockroom organized is labeling the shelves and aisles. A color-coded sticker system can help you to organize items by department or product style, and signs posted on the end of each aisle can make it easy for your staff to find items as they need them. Be sure to create a labeling system for your equipment as well. This will ensure your staff puts your materials back where they belong when re-stocking them. You can also use colored tape on your stockroom floor to create parking spaces for forklifts for additional organization.

Talk to your stockroom staff about different ways to organize the space. Coming up with a team plan together and using the appropriate storage materials can keep your business running smoothly and keep inventory flowing properly. Use these ideas, and come up with a few of your own to get your stockroom organization system started.


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