Understanding How To Streamline Your Company

Understanding How To Streamline Your Company

3 Advantages Of Water Jet Cutting

Carrie Gomez

Water jet cutting is the process of cutting up metal or other substances, like plastics, using a powerful stream of pressurized water. If you are used to cutting your metal with heat-generating measures, you may find that water jet cutting can provide multiple benefits to your work process. Here are three reasons why your industrial or manufacturing company might want to switch to water jet cutting.

Incredibly Precise

Water jet cutting machines use computer aided design software to follow an incredibly precise pattern when cutting. You will get the same cut every single time. If you are used to using another method to try and cut materials by hand, you will be blown away by how much easier it can be to simply set up your materials and walk away while the machine does its job. 

No Heat Means No Damage

It may seem fairly obvious to state that water jet cutting will produce no heat but the potential importance of that can't be overstated. Anyone who has ever worked with any kind of plasma, laser or flame cutting before knows that heat can sometimes cause distortion to the edges of your metals, plastics and other materials, no matter how careful you are while cutting. Water jet cutting will offer an incredibly precise cut but it will do so without you having to worry about any melting, warping or other accidental effects. If you are used to having to write off a certain amount of materials each year due to faulty cuts, water jet cutting could actually add more money to your bottom line.

Safer for Employees

Working with any kind of extreme heat can obviously lead to injury if you or your employees are not careful. To be clear, water jet cutting is so powerful that it can also cause harm if a worker is not paying attention. At the very least, you won't have to worry about anyone getting burned while at work. You'll also be able to use the same work area for another project much more quickly after your cutting is done because you won't have to wait for any heat to dissipate from the area.

If you regularly cut large amounts of metal, plastic or other materials and you haven't yet given water jet cutting a try, it might be time to give it a look. Water jet cutting offers great precision but without generating any heat that could damage the edges of the materials with warping or distortion. Removing heat-based forms of cutting from your workplace may also be a bit safer for your employees as well. Reach out to a water jet cutter manufacturer today, like Cincinnati Ventilating Company Inc, for more information.


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