Understanding How To Streamline Your Company

Understanding How To Streamline Your Company

Design A Maintenance Plan For Your Pneumatic Tools

Carrie Gomez

Pneumatic tools such as air impact wrenches and air compressors need a lot of careful maintenance and proper handling to work properly. It's more than greasing joints and keeping the tools out of harm's way; pneumatic tools have small, sensitive parts that regulate how air is distributed and can render a tool useless if sand gets into the system or if a nozzle is dropped at the wrong angle. To keep your tools and their connections safe for longer, dependable performance, take a look at a few maintenance and storage points.

What Could Go Wrong With The Nozzle?

For many pneumatic tools, the main point of control is the air release valve. This valve is usually pressure-triggered by attaching a nozzle to an air intake valve or by pressing a button or trigger that releases air.

Pneumatic tools are dependent on the amount of air inside the system and the ability to build up air pressure. Air pressure is finite, since a compression tank needs time to fill up and bring air to a consistent pressure. If there's a piece of debris in a pneumatic device or a leak somewhere on the hose, air can leak out at a steady rate--sometimes faster than the compressor can work.

Some of the most common leakage issues come from cracked or broken hoses, debris holding open the air release area or damage causing the air release to become dislodged. Dropping a pneumatic tool can knock some of the movable parts into strange positions, which can lead to the tool being "stuck open" in a position to release air.

Many of these problems can be solved by keeping the tools out of dangerous situations, but pneumatic tools are often used in situations with a lot of hard work, uncomfortable conditions or simply difficult situations. A fatigued auto mechanic or technician may drop a tool while tired and in a rush to perform another fix, which could lead to impact damage or may send the nozzle digging into dirt.

At every workstation with pneumatic tools, make sure to have workbenches located at average waist height for most of your workers. You don't have to invest in a big, shiny tool workbench; second-hand end tables or shelves can be put in the working area to temporarily store tools, parts and accessories.

Hose And Hose Fitting Inspection

With the tools in a safe position, the hose needs to be secured as well. Hoses may often be twisted in unintended directions or rolled over by heavy vehicles. Stepping n the hoses isn't exactly safe for their condition, either.

Consider mounting all hoses overhead. You'll likely need to purchase longer hoses, but rotating hose carriers can be installed similar to the hoses in car washes to keep a lot of the hose above the technicians.

Be sure to perform regular maintenance and proper use training for hose and hose fittings. Inspect the hoses for any cracks, and make sure that technicians know to clean off any debris from the hose fittings. Quick connect air line fittings, for example, are fast and convenient for connecting multiple hoses and new tools, but workers may become complacent and might scoop dirt or sand into the hose while connecting as fast as possible.

Contact an air-powered tools and accessories professional to discuss maintenance plans, accessories and replacements.


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